“We should say ‘no comment’, right?”

Reputation crises can occur quickly and unpredictably. Businesses and individuals must act with speed to shut down or mitigate harmful news stories, rumours and conjecture.

“No comment” might be convenient, but a combined legal and communications strategy is often the best approach.

Sensitive issues may be suppressed with an urgent injunction. Other times, a response can be crafted which addresses the issue, reframes the debate, and manages legal risk.

Peter McKnight and Ali Romanos have managed crisis communications for businesses, councils, government departments, law firms, corporate interests, politicians, and high-net-worth individuals, nationally and internationally, who are facing public litigation threats, imminent media controversy, social-media attacks, fallout from ‘bad leavers’, or any given combination.

With a network of private investigators, IT experts, and media contacts, clients are guided through trying circumstances with a calm but decisive approach.

Clients of these services have 24/7 assistance.

An instructing solicitor is required and can be arranged.

This is a premium service. Fees commence with an agreed retainer. Extended services accrue on a time-and-attendance basis.