We are on the coalface of defamation disputes across New Zealand. We are often called upon to act in litigation for politicians, academics, business executives, public servants, lawyers, doctors, broadcasters, sportspeople, television personalities, government agencies, media outlets and book publishers.

We also provide pre-publication advice. Whether for individual journalists or large publishing houses, we have assessed for defamation risk everything from scripts, screenplays, speeches, press releases, books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, blog posts, radio documentaries, films and television shows.

Defamation litigation plaintiffs

  • We outline prospects of success and advise on tactical options
  • We are skilled at writing letters of demand
  • Where settlement cannot be reached, we manage cases through to trial

Defamation litigation defendants

  • We are often able to facilitate early settlements by drafting appropriate retractions
  • Where litigation cannot be avoided, we have insight into pleading strategic defences and utilising other tactical options

Defamation litigation appeals

We review cases of unsuccessful litigants, for which we advise on the appellate process and, if appropriate, pursue cases to the appellate courts

Defamation procedure

Defamation law contains a myriad of special pleadings and procedural rules. We are continuously monitoring local and overseas developments to ensure our clients have open to them the best and most current strategies available.

Overlap of services

  • Harassment social-media defamation can pose major threats to ones reputation. Where defamations committed on a blog or social media are out of control, court orders can be obtained for the removal of offending content.
  • Privacy the publication of sensitive material, such as revenge porn disclosures, can have a severe impact on ones reputation and self-esteem. Where a matter is not strictly one of defamation, privacy law can be utilised in order to remove such material.
  • Name suppression whilst name suppression is difficult to obtain in defamation proceedings, we have experience in both obtaining name-suppression orders and having name-suppression orders lifted from proceedings.
  • Employment law sometimes the world of defamation overlaps with aspects of employment law, particularly in relation to personal grievances and comments surroundings strikes and lockouts.

Matters of urgency

We are often asked to organise urgent injunctions to stop defamatory broadcasts being aired or newspaper articles published, often against weekend press.

We are available to act at short notice.