Do I have a defamation claim?

Defamation can occur in any form of communication that is disparaging of you.

Defamation claims are not limited to statements published in newspaper articles, on television or the radio. These days defamatory statements are often contained in broadcast emails, social-media comments and blog posts.

In fact, defamation cases have been founded on all manner of communications, including speeches given at weddings, in gestures portrayed in school plays, and in cartoons.

You may be concerned that you have been defamed, but you are not sure whether you should take the plunge and have your claim formally assessed by a lawyer.

In most instances, this query can be answered by fairly asking yourself three questions:

  • Was the statement about which you have concern read (or heard) by at least one person other than yourself?
  • Would ordinary people understand the statement as referring to you personally?
  • Would ordinary people who had read (or heard) the statement think less of you, or would they avoid you afterwards?

If the answer to all three questions is “yes”, then it is sensible for you to have your claim formally assessed by a lawyer. Contact us.